December 19, 2010

Busy crafting Christmas ShoovelopesTM

Whew! We've been busy crafting ShoovelopesTM for Christmas. The other day we even had our first Stitch 'n Bitch via Skype! (I'm at home in BC for the holidays and Jen is still in TO.) Modern technology is awesome. :o)

Here is a lil peak at what we've made this week... These are reserved for some very special people this Christmas so they won't make their way onto Etsy but we will be updating Etsy with new items in the New Year. Stay tuned!
 Beige with Pink Applique

Paisley with Moss Green Ribbon

Beige with Heidi Ribbon
(Hrmm... must fix that one pink button... she looks askew...)

Turquoise with Rosette

December 18, 2010

The Official ShoovelopeTM Launch

A big thank you to those who came down to visit us at the Artisans' Gift Fair a couple weeks ago (and those who were there in spirit). You helped make the launch of the ShoovelopeTM a huge success! It was exciting to see the responses to our newest product and tell buyers the story behind their purchase. The weekend was so successful that we've decided to try the ShoovelopeTM at the 2011 Vancouver One of a Kind Show and Sale next Christmas. We'll be applying for that show early in the new year. Keep your fingers crossed that we get accepted!

Here's Jen standing beside "Betsy" my sewing form. We dressed Betsy in black and gave her a multicoloured skirt of Shoovelopes. Jen had the brilliant plan to make the bunting and we think it looks pretty spiffy on the black tablecloth.

Our table at the craft fair wasn't against a wall which makes it difficult to get fabulous pictures but we didn't mind -we were front and centre to everyone who walked in. :o)

Here's a close-up of our table (and Jen showing off a turquoise Ladies ShoovelopeTM with handles). This was our introductory pricing to test the market. We're still debating our ultimate pricing. So much to think about when launching a new product!