January 9, 2011

A Heavenly Dish

Stacey and I have a history of taking turns playing Martha Stewart and cooking fabulous meals to enjoy together. Now that we're on opposite sides of the country, this has become a bit of a challenge. I recently learned that my friend H has set a goal to become a better cook and has asked me to teach her what I know. This isn't a crafty related post but it does involve some artistic presentation so I thought I'd share.

As a full-time student, H is often pressed for time so we've been talking about how cooking good/healthy food doesn't have to be complicated. Earlier this week H and I figured out what menu we'd like to cook and then have our significant others join us to enjoy the fruits of our labour. Yesterday she came over and we set to work making:

- Parsnip and ginger soup
  (From Jamie's Food Revolution by Jamie Oliver);
- Cabbage, date and apple slaw 
  (From one of H's cookbooks - I can't recall the name);
- Sweet potato purée with goat cheese and truffle oil 
  (From Epicurious);
- Rosemary crusted pork tenderloin with red wine reduction
  (From HIREATH); and
- Meringue nests with yogurt and berries 
  (From one of H's cookbooks - I can't recall the name).

I'd never made meringue before but I knew it wasn't difficult. Luckily I had a piping tool laying around and was able to build it up like a little nest to fill with a dollop of yogurt and top with mixed berries.

The only clean plates I had left after our many courses of dinner was a set of Christmas plates. Appropriately, the plate exhibits how heavenly the dish was - delish!

Let us know if you have any great recipes you'd like to share - we're always looking for some to try out!

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