January 4, 2011

Our Customers Say Such Fabulous Things!

We just received a nice note from one of our pre-Christmas customers who gave a ShoovelopeTM to 3 people on her Christmas list...and kept one for herself.

The note was to thank UrbanStitch Inc. for providing great gift ideas and to let us know that they were well received on Christmas morning! Included in her note were some great comments from those she gave them to:

  "I had the best looking shoe bag for my New Year's Eve wedding"

  "What a great travel accessory - you think of the best gifts!"

  "I love my shoe bag - fancy!"

Awwww! It's always nice to receive great feedback from the fabulous people using our product.

Did you receive a ShoovelopeTM for Christmas? If so, let us know your thoughts!

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