January 1, 2011

Welcome to 2011!

Well, welcome to the New Year folks! It's been a lovely holiday of family, friends, food and fun. And while we spent time away from the "serious work" of UrbanStitch Inc., we really couldn't stay away from crafting altogether... Jen made Bitters for her Sweetie so he can make delicious sour cherry and vanilla Manhattans. Tres chic and tres yum!

I sewed some Merry Christmas bunting for me and my sweetie to hang next year in our new apartment. (We haven't moved yet but soon!) I used Christmas fabric left over from last years craftiness and stitched and ironed the layers together. Each time we put it up we'll think of all the amazing things that happened in 2010. (Such as the year ShoovelopesTM were born!) That's the best thing about Christmas decorations -the memories that go along with them... 

It was a lovely holiday indeed...
But now the festive season has come to a close, so it's back to business for us at UrbanStitch Inc. Jen is looking after some small business banking things for us (how did I get so lucky to have a business partner who's so good at those things!) and I am ogling fabric stores online. I'm being very businesslike about it to help us find the best fabrics for Spring/Summer. I have even made a spreadsheet. (Although I must admit, it's a very colourful spreadsheet! lol)

But the most exciting thing for UrbanStitch Inc. is that there are plans for an exclusive, limited edition line of ShoovelopesTM for an amazing Canadian company. We are tickled but we can't tell you any more details -not yet! :o)

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