July 10, 2011

Job hunting and wedding planning and renovations, oh my!

Hello friends! We at UrbanStitch Inc. have had a busy spring/early summer so we thought we'd take the time to update you.

First, both of us have started new day jobs within the last month and we're really excited about our respective opportunities.

Second, I have been busy wedding planning...and getting wedding crafty! I made a bunch of these pomander balls along with a few other decorative items.

As for invitations, I did a partial DIY project with the help of e.m. papers. Her designs are gorgeous and she was a pleasure to work with as she designed ours.

Finally, my fiance and I have also been busy with a home renovation - finishing the basement so we can have some extra living space. He calls it a man cave, I call it a den. We're still working on the decor but here's a look at the before and after shots!

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