July 31, 2011

New Shoovelopes!

Here it is folks! ShoovelopesTM with Pockets for your keys, your cell or ID. It's a perfect addition to the Shoovelope design allowing you to travel light, but in style.
As promised, here is the finished Ballerina Pink ShoovelopeTM - So pretty! It brings me back to all my days in pink and black... *Jette, hop, pas de bourre!* (It took me forever to learn all those french words!)

And here is another fabric combination that I have fallen in love with. This is Speckled Tie Dye with a beautiful, light-weight denim. This one reminds me of my Art School days when all the clothes in my closet had splotches of paint on them! It was a grunge thing back then. But this ShoovelopeTM has the perfect combination of that artsy vibe done with a je ne se quo, chicness.

Now I'm off to sew some more (after the Spirit of the Sea Festival Parade at the beach that is!) Oh long weekends, how we love you...! I hope you -our stylish UrbanStitch fans- are enjoying your summer too!
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