July 31, 2011

New Shoovelopes!

Here it is folks! ShoovelopesTM with Pockets for your keys, your cell or ID. It's a perfect addition to the Shoovelope design allowing you to travel light, but in style.
As promised, here is the finished Ballerina Pink ShoovelopeTM - So pretty! It brings me back to all my days in pink and black... *Jette, hop, pas de bourre!* (It took me forever to learn all those french words!)

And here is another fabric combination that I have fallen in love with. This is Speckled Tie Dye with a beautiful, light-weight denim. This one reminds me of my Art School days when all the clothes in my closet had splotches of paint on them! It was a grunge thing back then. But this ShoovelopeTM has the perfect combination of that artsy vibe done with a je ne se quo, chicness.

Now I'm off to sew some more (after the Spirit of the Sea Festival Parade at the beach that is!) Oh long weekends, how we love you...! I hope you -our stylish UrbanStitch fans- are enjoying your summer too!
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July 17, 2011

Summertime, and the Livin's Easy

Well, as Jen mentioned, it's been a busy couple of months at UrbanStitch Inc's new west coast location! We are enjoying our new neighbourhood, scouting out the farmers market, finding the best place for brunch and hanging out down at the beach. (West Coast life is awesome!) This weekend we're BBQ'ing at the beach with friends. Aaahh, summertime...

On the UrbanStitch Inc. front I found an amazing fabric store. We've been looking to make a line of Dance ShoovelopesTM for all the dancers who tote around their ballet slippers, pointe and tap shoes. Low and behold, I found the perfect pretty ballerina fabric at Save On Fabrics (6468 King George Blvd, in Surrey, BC) I recommend this store for it's excellent prices ($5-$7/metre on most cottons) and their huge selection. I must have been in there for two or three hours pulling bolts from the shelves, matching fabrics and basically poking my nose in every corner of the place!

Here are some of the fabrics I bought. Besides the Pretty Ballerina design, my favourite is the pumpkin polka dot matched with the dark denim. Very 50's Pin Up!

This is my stack ready to sew... I've pieced together all the handles, trims and pockets... Oh wait! Pockets! Yes, you asked, and we've answered. ShoovelopesTM are now available with a pocket inside. It is the perfect size for keys, ID, a lipstick or your cell phone. You may never need your purse again...! ;o)

Stay tuned to see a few of the finished ShoovelopesTM from this batch...!

July 10, 2011

Job hunting and wedding planning and renovations, oh my!

Hello friends! We at UrbanStitch Inc. have had a busy spring/early summer so we thought we'd take the time to update you.

First, both of us have started new day jobs within the last month and we're really excited about our respective opportunities.

Second, I have been busy wedding planning...and getting wedding crafty! I made a bunch of these pomander balls along with a few other decorative items.

As for invitations, I did a partial DIY project with the help of e.m. papers. Her designs are gorgeous and she was a pleasure to work with as she designed ours.

Finally, my fiance and I have also been busy with a home renovation - finishing the basement so we can have some extra living space. He calls it a man cave, I call it a den. We're still working on the decor but here's a look at the before and after shots!